During the last decade, the drilling services of NBF have become increasingly demanded in this, and in all other areas of expertise.

  • Geological Exploration and Prospecting
  • Mining Developments
  • Geothermal Prospecting
  • Environmental Investigations
  • Offshore Investigations
NBF also undertakes highly specialised drilling for solving particular problems e.g.:
  • Foundation drilling for construction purposes
  • Drilling into waste deposits for gas retrieval
  • Horizontal drilling for cables under road- and railway embankments
With the modern society's increasing consciousness of the environment, traditional blasting and excavation on constructions sites are abandoned because of the great disturbance of the surroundings. Instead, recently developed drilling techniques have taken over many of those tasks e.g. forming tunnels by large diameter drilling. Additionally, this environment friendly techniques has proven to be more cost-efficient.

In each of the member-countries, NBF has taken the initiative of designing educational programmes for water-well drillers. Basic training for those new in the profession, as well as advanced training for those with some experience. By providing professional training and keeping our members abreast with the latest market trends, NBF ensures that all member companies can offer top-qualified personnel, utilizing the most up to date methodologies and equipment.

In almost every area where qualified drilling is required, problems can be solved by one of our member companies. There is an unique variety of machinery under the NBF umbrella implying that any demand of drilling services can be met, from small diameter boreholes for supply of domestic water to your summer cottage, to deep large diameter boreholes for industrial purposes.

The NBF rigs can drill from 32 up to 1000 mm in diameter and holes can be made to depths of 2000 meters. NBF has successfully solved drilling problems in the cold North way down to the equatorial heat. Our services are utilized by a wide range of customers from governments to private individuals - so feel welcome to join our numerous satisfied customers!